Announcing the Free Footie Ball - 2014

We are very excited that every player this year will receive a soccer ball. We designed it to look just like our logo and worked with a fair trade company to get them made. They turned out perfectly and we're sure the kids will love them. Thanks to all those who donated!!!

Presenting the 2014 Free Footie Ball. $10 buys a ball for one of our kids. To donate or to learn more, go to: The balls are fair trade and produced by Social Conscience:


Hi there, 

In the last couple of weeks of December 2013 we lost some very big sponsors. They were providing Free Footie with about $40,000 to put towards everything from equipment, to coach education, volunteer appreciation, transportation and fun prizes for the kids. That amount of funding is about how much it costs us to run an entire season of soccer for 1,000 kids.  It's a lot of money for a small group of volunteers to try and come up with, but I'm not going to dwell on it or lay blame. I'm going to move on, stay positive and know that we have a supportive community around us including sponsors such as REACH Edmonton and ATB Financial.

Fortunately, this loss doesn't completely sink us. We should have just enough to make it through this season, provided we raise the $11,000 for the balls. However, it's going to leave us in a difficult spot for future years because we will start at nearly zero.

One of our business minded board members, Mark, has been smart to insist we always try stay one year ahead when it comes to fundraising. This is to make sure that if we have a rough go with fundraising, soccer doesn't all of a sudden disappear for 1,000 kids who need what the game can offer.  This planning has saved the coming spring 2014 season for the kids and it gives us time to start working for 2015 and beyond.

So, if you would like to get involved - now is the time. Please visit the "donate" page. We have an immediate need to raise $11,000 to pay for soccer balls this season. We have to order those soon to ensure they get here on time. We also have plenty of opportunities from $5 donations to $1,500 or $50,000. Those can come with great ways for you to get exposure in the community through branding on our jerseys, soccer balls, schedules, medals and helping out at games or our year end tournament.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Tim Adams - Free Footie Board President & Founder




Free Footie Website Launch

We have a website!!!!

After years of pigeon carriers Free Footie has officially made the jump to the land of tweets and hashtags and officially created their very own website - it's amazing what can be accomplished now that the season is finally over! 

This website will serve as our main contact point for all things Free Footie including schedules, results, weather cancellations and eventually practice plans and drills!

Of course this will also help us get Free Footie out into the community so please share it with your friends!

- Free Footie BOD