$20,000 Donation from TELUS Edmonton Community Board!!!!

Big, huge, massive, amazing news - 100 Free Footie Kids going to soccer camp.

This summer we are launching our first ever summer soccer camps

The camps are open to all children for a paid fee as fundraiser for our program, but we are also trying to send as many Free Footie kids to the camp as possible via sponsorship.

We love the kids, believe in the kids and just spent an entire school year with them, so why when it comes to summer would we want to let them drop off?

We know that summer can be a very hard time for kids. School is over, Free Footie is done and many other camps, even if free, don't offer transportation, making it very difficult for kids to attend if the kid's families have no access to a vehicle.

For years, we've been asked by schools, kids and parents to fix this. To give the kids something productive to do in the summer and we've finally taken it on. We've built a camp that's entirely focused on building the character of kids - making them confident on and off the field by surrounding them with incredible mentors such as former national team goal keeper Karina LeBlanc. 

The challenge is that running a kids camp, properly, is extremely expensive. You must develop emergency procedures and polices, find a solid venue to operate under during all weather conditions, bring in great camp chaperons to help kids having a rough day, and of course, have quality coaches who not only show all the great leadership qualities we want for working with our kids, but who also have a command of soccer.

The costs, quite frankly, we're way too much and the project was in jeopardy. We approached the TELUS Edmonton Community Board for support and with some guidance from the folks at KidSport the funding came through - in a big and beautiful way!

This $20,000 will help send 100 Free Footie kids to our camp. That will undoubtedly have a long term and life changing impact on all kids and we are so proud that the TELUS Edmonton Community Board saw the value in what we are trying to do.

As well as these 100 kids, we will be sending an additional 20 more kids thanks to other individuals and private companies that have been giving us an incredible amount of support.

We'd sincerely like to thank all the folks at Telus - the future is certainly friendly for our kids.

Please take a moment to share this article as well as check out our camp page and learn about the amazing coaches the kids will be working with, and, consider signing up your own kids! Any proceeds from registration of kids outside of free footie go straight back into running our free soccer league for 1700 kids in need. Have awesome fun and do good at the same time, sounds like a win-win to us!!!!