BUY A SOCCER TEAM, it's cheap & fun.

I grew up playing soccer in the days when every business got behind a team.

I played for "Ray's Meat" - a local butcher shop.

I played for "Dj's variety" - the corner store with just about everything you can imagine in it.

I played for "Fraser's" - the men's clothing and suit store.

And, probably my favourite..."Godfathers" - the local pizza shop in town.

The busineses hung team pictures of us in their shop windows, and sometimes, if we were really good, they treated us to a pizza or a pop.

It really was all about community and it seemed like everyone knew when it was game day - a friendly wager between shops wasn't unheard-of. 

This season, Free Footie is trying to get back to that idea.

We are making it affordable for anyone to support a team.

For $1000 you can cover the cost of soccer for an entire team - that's 30 kids in need who otherwise wouldn't be playing. 

In return, we'll proudly put your company or group logo on that team's jerseys and you are now the owner of your very own soccer team.

We're hoping that you'll have a little fun with it too - maybe challenge a shop beside you to sponsor a team, come out and cheer your team on at games, or invite the kids to your business to see what you do. 

We'd love for you to be the next "Godfathers" or "Ray's Meat" :)

Please head to the donation page for more specifics or send an email:

All the best, Tim